Public Conservation Funding

“Public Conservation Funding in New England: Recent Trends in Government Spending on Land Protection” is a joint Highstead-Harvard Forest publication that pulls together a collection of data on public conservation funding at the federal, state, and local levels for all six New England states. We hope that this report will be a valuable reference for conservationists working in New England and a foundation for conversations about current and future avenues for increased conservation funding in the region.

An overview of the main results of this research is available here.

The full report is available here (large .pdf) and includes:

  • A regional overview identifying the key programs bringing federal conservation dollars to New England
  • State-by-state comparisons that highlight where and how public funds are being used to protect land
  • Trends in farmland preservation funding in each New England state
  • Individual state summaries including state-level programs, funding mechanisms, and recent spending trends
  • A full list of data sources and methodology notes





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Rhode Island


New England Region

Land & Water Conservation Fund

Data used in New England public conservation funding report