Policy and Finance - Overview

New England has, over nearly four centuries, achieved remarkable conservation successes built on its history of democratic governance, organizational ingenuity, public finance innovation, landowner generosity, and philanthropic commitment. As of 2017, 26 percent of the region’s forestland and 12 percent of the farmland have been conserved for future generations. Reaching the Wildlands and Woodlands goal of conserving 70 percent of the New England landscape will require new local, state, and federal policies focused on permanent land conservation, as well as innovative new finance mechanisms and redoubled funding commitment.

The Wildlands and Woodlands partners are committed to advancing a new regional agenda for advancing conservation finance and policy within states and across the region. We conduct our work largely through the power of convening, scientific analysis, and incubation. Become familiar with some of our initiatives and let us know how you are helping advance the Wildlands and Woodlands vision.