About Us

Wildlands and Woodlands (W&W) is a regional vision that unites and inspires people across New England working to conserve New England’s natural heritage and to craft a sustainable future. 

W&W is also a rapidly growing regional initiative building a number of collaborative projects that add value to the ongoing work of committed individuals and organizations across New England, including:

Today, more and more W&W partners are working individually and collaboratively to triple the pace and scale of conservation in New England.

W&W is overseen by the nonprofit conservation organization Highstead, in partnership with the Harvard Forest, Harvard University, and is advised by an informal and evolving group of regional conservation and academic leaders.

The W&W Authors come from diverse institutions and are all dedicated to advancing New England land conservation.  

W&W is grateful to the many foundations, individuals, and agencies that have funded W&W.

Questions about W&W may be directed to info@wildlandsandwoodlands.org