ALPINE Webinar Series - Spring 2022

ALPINE is hosting two webinars this spring. These webinars feature faculty collaborations with land conservation organizations and current research pertinent to land conservation.

Accelerating Climate Action Through Higher Education: An Introduction to Second Nature

Presented by Tim Carter, CEO of Second Nature
Wednesday, January 26, 12:30 – 1:30 pm ET

Tim Carter, CEO, Second NatureTim Carter, CEO, Second NatureSince its founding, Second Nature has worked to expand higher education’s ability to solve pressing sustainability challenges.  Since 2006, its focus has been to address the largest environmental challenge that civilization has faced: global climate change.  2006 was the launch year of the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments, now the longest-standing voluntary carbon reduction program in the world. Through the Commitments initiative and its Climate Leadership Network Second Nature, today works with over 600 universities and colleges, and more than 4,000 faculty and administrators in the US to help make the principles of sustainability fundamental to every aspect of higher education.  Read more about Second Nature here.

In the January 26 ALPINE webinar, Tim Carter, CEO of Second Nature will offer an overview of the organization’s major initiatives, advocacy work, and climate leadership activities.

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An introduction to the Institute for Integrative Conservation at The College of William and Mary

Presented by Robert Rose, Executive Director, Institute for Integrative Conservation (IIC)
Wednesday, March 9, 12:30 — 1:30 pm ET 

Robert Rose, Executive Director, Institute for Integrative ConservationRobert Rose, Executive Director, Institute for Integrative ConservationIn 2020, the College of William & Mary launched the Institute for Integrative Conservation (IIC) thanks to a $19.3 million alumni gift. The IIC is set up as a cross-disciplinary entity to position the university as a global leader in transformational research to protect ecosystems and safeguard world populations. It aspires to cultivate leaders who will drive policy, advance advocacy, and inspire action at the local, national and international levels. The institute supports multidisciplinary teams of faculty, staff, and students to address conservation issues in a multitude of ways. In collaboration with academic and conservation partners, the IIC plans to design an entirely new curriculum for training the next generation of conservation leaders. Along with conservation science, students will develop skills in design thinking, business processes and management, finance, regulatory frameworks, and fundraising, and be expert communicators who can relate to a diversity of audiences and cultures. Read more about the IIC here.

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