Academics for Land Protection in New England (ALPINE) is a network of academic institutions committed to increasing the pace of land protection in New England to address the region’s environmental challenges and to support nature and people. ALPINE seeks to expand the role that academic institutions play in conserving the New England landscape by sharing experiences and resources among faculty and staff, students, administrations, and alumni. 

The network’s shared belief is that academic communities can be a powerful force for positive environmental change locally and globally.

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Upcoming Events and News

Tim Carter, CEO of Second NatureTim Carter, CEO of Second Nature

WEBINAR on Jan. 26  — Accelerating Climate Action through Higher Education: An Introduction to Second Nature. Learn more.

Robert Rose, Executive Director, Institute for Integrative ConservationRobert Rose, Executive Director, Institute for Integrative Conservation



WEBINAR on March 9  — Introduction to the Institute for Integrative Conservation at The College of William and Mary. Learn more.








  • To advance land conservation by articulating the compelling need, celebrating successes, and fostering an engaged sense of community and common purpose
  • To gather and build knowledge and information by sharing successful conservation practices and tools with other institutions
  • To promote research, mentorship, and teaching to advance the practice of land conservation
  • To bring students, alumni, administrators and faculty together across institutions, to share, collaborate, innovate, and learn

ALPINE engages the region’s academic and natural resources—which include more than 220 colleges and universities in New England; 1.2 million students; 100,000 faculty; more than 130,000 acres of land; and a large alumni base with deep ties to the land—in advancing land conservation. Focusing and coordinating these remarkable resources will make a fundamental and enduring difference to the conservation future of New England.


Our growing network is eager to expand our membership and our impact. We encourage participation from every college and university throughout New England. To join us or learn how your university can get involved, email Marianne Jorgensen. For more information about our resources and activities sign up for the ALPINE newsletter!