2020 RCP Network Gathering Program

Even before the pandemic upended our lives, the RCP Network had landed on a theme of resilient regions and communities for our live event. With the onset of COVID-19 and ongoing discussions about systemic racism and inequality in our communities, the theme of resiliency is ever more relevant and will be central to our three webinars and our virtual RCP Network Gathering.

As with so much in our lives, the Gathering has evolved to meet a new reality. The Gathering is now:

  • Illustration by Rick Powell, from Lambert et al. 2018. Voices from the Land: Listening to New Englanders’ Views of the Future.Illustration by Rick Powell, from Lambert et al. 2018. Voices from the Land: Listening to New Englanders’ Views of the Future.THREE 90-minute pre-Gathering Webinars: Oct. 28, Nov. 5, and Nov. 13 from 1:00-2:30 pm Eastern Time (1.5 CFE credits each)*
  • ONE-day RCP Network Gathering, including panel discussions, networking, and brainstorming on November 19 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (4.5 CFE credits)*
  • ONE Conservation Finance Webinar in February – details to come
  • ONE solutions-oriented implementation day for all Gathering participants on March 3, 2021

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NOTE: Pre-registration required. Registration closes TWO days before each event. 

All Gathering sessions are free. Participate at whatever level and degree you choose.
Come for just one event or all six. Watch and listen or actively participate before, during,
and/or after.

*CFE credits are provided through the Society of American Foresters (SAF) certification program.

Our Focus

Our burning question for this year’s RCP Network Gathering is: How can RCPs and the RCP Network and others help measurably increase community well-being at scale?

How do we as individuals, as members of communities and conservation organizations bounce back and continue to pursue our vision of a healthier planet amidst so much uncertainty and human suffering? How do we serve the diverse members of our communities given a history of injustice, racism, and inequity, especially as the evidence of climate change’s impacts are routinely front-page news?

We want to address your burning questions as well. You’ll have a chance to submit them on the registration form.

Gathering Design: Interactive, flexible and solutions-focused

Join with peers to learn, connect and discuss ideas and actions

We believe that most people continue to appreciate the chance to come together to learn, engage peers and new contacts, discuss ideas, and prioritize the best ones for future action, but we knew we couldn’t just put the typical in-person conference online.

Participate the way you want

All six sessions are designed to make it easy for you to help us all figure out how RCPs, the RCP Network, and other networks and partners can help measurably increase community well-being at scale.

Continue your forest management education

Attend the webinars and Gathering and earn Continued Forest Education (CFE) credits through the Society of American Foresters (SAF) certification program. Earn 4.5 credits for the Gathering and 1.5 credits for each of the three webinars.

What to expect: Story Map, Interactive discussions, networking time

To help us get on the same page before the webinars, we have developed a story map that provides details on the RCP Network Gathering Program’s six events and explains RCPs, the RCP Network, the Resilient Regions and Communities theme, and why we’re highlighting the Wildlands and Woodlands, Farmlands and Communities Vision and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The story map will contain essential background information that attendees of one or more of the three, 90-min webinars on Oct. 28, Nov. 5, and Nov. 13, as well as of the Gathering and the March 3, Implementation Day, will want to review.


The webinars on Oct. 28, Nov. 5, and Nov. 13 will provide foundational content to help frame and support discussions at the Nov 19, 2020, RCP Network Gathering.

The webinars feature small, moderated panels of your peers who will share how they’ve helped landowners and municipalities strengthen their lands’ and communities’ resilience in the face of economic insecurities and uncertainty, social divisiveness and injustice, and the impacts of climate change. View the Webinar Event Packet which contains speaker information, Zoom tutorial, webinar schedule, and more.

Attendees are eligible to receive 1.5 CFE credits per webinar through the Society of American Foresters (SAF) certification program.

The Gathering: Nov. 19, 2020

The November 19, 2020, RCP Network Gathering will feature in-depth discussions among speakers, moderators, and audience members.

Two keynote panels will focus on policy solutions at multiple scales from federal, state, region, and municipal, to parcel scales. 

The speakers will provide framing for the issues and serve as catalysts for breakout groups that will further explore issues and contribute to the dialogue.

A “final word” speaker and next steps will point people to the future and final step in the RCP Network Gathering program which will take place roughly three months later on March 3, 2021: The Wildlands and Woodlands, Farmlands and Communities Implementation Day.

Attendees are eligible to receive 4.5 CFE credits through the SAF certification program.

The Wildlands & Woodlands, Farmlands & Communities Implementation Day: March 3, 2021

The Implementation Day will bring Gathering participants back together to lay out the actions they will take in the next three years to help improve the resilience of their communities and regions.

In the morning, we will prioritize the most important strategies and, in the afternoon, each sister network will meet on its own to select it’s one- to three-year actions — many of which will likely have come from the webinars and the Gathering. These actions will be described in the updated version of the Story Map, and at subsequent events, we’ll review, and report out how we’re doing.

Increased Diversity

Many of your evaluations from last year’s Gathering called for us to include more diverse speakers and moderators. You will see that we have made strides in that direction this year, but we as a conservation community still have a long way to go to being truly inclusive and diverse.

We believe it’s important that we move to engage people we have excluded in the past and work to reduce barriers to their participation in our networks. We invite you to help us realize our vision of a multi-racial RCP Network composed of multi-racial RCPs by 2030 by inviting to participate in your work those individuals and communities you believe have been historically excluded by the conservation community up to now.