W&W Partners - Overview

The people of New England have long worked individually and in collaboration to sustain the natural landscapes that in turn sustain us. 

W&W partners range from small grassroots community groups to regional businesses and national organizations, but all are committed to increasing the current pace of conservation and sustaining New England’s natural landscapes and the many ecologic, economic, and cultural benefits they provide. 

W&W partners do not necessarily endorse all the specific components of the W&W vision. There are many paths to successful conservation in New England and W&W partners reflect a healthy diversity of views and strategies. Our partners do share a deep commitment to the New England region and to a future that includes healthy forested and farmed landscapes to sustain future generations.

W&W sends partners our e-news, highlights partner news and events on our website, and works collaboratively with our partners to help secure resources and achieve enduring conservation success.