Conservation Resources

Explore Conservation Resources

Visit the Private Landowner Network’s conservation yellow pages to find contact information for local, regional, or national professionals to assist you with your tax, estate, or conservation objectives.

Land Trusts: The Land Trust Alliance provides a series of factsheets with answers to common questions posed by your community members.




New Hampshire

Rhode Island

  • Landowners, Land Trusts, and Municipalities: The Rhode Island Conservation Easement Guidance Manual provides information for many conservation practitioners and landowners on creating and maintaining conservation easements in Rhode Island (2009).


  • Landowners: Vermont Land Trust gives more information about conservation options in Vermont.


  • Landowners: USDA Forest Service’s Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program provides cost-share assistance to private landowners to help them enhance wildlife habitat areas on their lands.
  • Landowners, Land Trusts, and Municipalities: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s Partnership Portal gives information on their service programs.
  • Landowners, Land Trusts, and Municipalities: Farmland Information Center has a list of federal programs created to conserve farmland and other natural spaces.