New RFP Climate-Resilient Biodiversity Conservation Planning Grant Opportunity

Highstead is pleased to announce a new grant opportunity for Regional Conservation Partnerships (RCPs) in New Hampshire, Vermont, and/or Maine who wish to 1) craft a biodiversity conservation priorities map that includes a focus on climate resilience; or 2) update an existing biodiversity conservation priorities map to include climate resilience science. The focus of this program is primarily on providing GIS capacity, leadership training, and project oversight in order to help RCPs move forward with this important conservation tool. Applicants may also request associated project monies, as set out in the RFP.  

Developing a biodiversity conservation map with focus areas helps an RCP come together around group priorities and augments local partner priorities with a larger regional vision and focus. Addressing climate change and resilience ensures that an RCP is having the vital conversation about how to conserve land and biodiversity today for the warming world of tomorrow and using the best tools available to do so.  

Please read the complete RFP.

Grant proposals are due by midnight on June 12, 2015, and details on application forms and requirements can be found in the RFP.