Farm Service Providers Map

A list of farm service providers and farmer networks mapped by county to serve as a resource for RCP’s and land trusts. The resources and networks can be contacted in an effort to engage and collaborate in order to carry out the Wildlands and Woodlands vision of conserving farmland. With these resources, RCP members can connect with local farmer networks, the resources farmers need to keep the land as working land. Some of these may include business support, access to loans, conservation management guidance, and organizations that advocate for local food and therefore local farms.


  1. Farmer Network- Groups of farmers under a similar geographic range where collaboration and programming can exist.
  2. Business Management- Assist farmers in running a business, planning for decisions, overall viability of operations assessment, and financial advising, support, or planning.
  3. Conservation- Focus on conservation of all natural resources, through best land use practices and management.
  4. Land Linking- Link farm seekers with farm sellers with an economically feasible price tag to incentivize keeping farmland farming.
  5. Legal Support- Provide legal assistance with farm lease agreements, and land use and environmental law for farmland owners and farmers.
  6. Lenders- Loan providers, assistance with obtaining loans, or available grants for farmers and farmland owners.
  7. Local Food Policy- Protection or advocacy for locally sourced products due to a belief in the importance of a local based food system, which therefore enhances income for local farmers and the demand for farmland.
  8. Succession- Aid in the transfer of farmland or business ownership to the next generation of farmer. Focus on plan of transfer, including farm operation and assets.
  9. Training- Support to farmers through trainings for farming practices, business management, and conservation to enhance their farming potential on the land.
  10. USDA Agency- Role through support, grants, or programs for farmland success, upkeep, and conservation.


Click on the county of interest, and then click More Info in the pop up window. An online pdf will be opened listing all the farmer networks and farm service providers that work in that county. They are sorted from local to national organizations, and alphabetically. Contact names and/or emails are listed for, as well as a relevant website link.

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