2016 RCP Network Gathering Presentations

Session 1 Workshops

A.  Your New or Rebooted RCP’s First Steps: Choosing Partners, Region, and Funding Sources – Slides

 Speakers: Mary Ellen Lemay, Cheryl King Fischer, Mike Wilson; Moderator: Brian Hotz

B.  Partnering with the Natural Resources Conservation Service on their RCP Program: Focus on the Healthy Forest Reserve Program  - Slides

Speakers/Moderators: Bill Labich, Thomas Morgart

C.  Exploring Shared Ecological Priorities Across New England Slides Part-1, Slides Part-2

Speaker/Moderator: Steven Fuller

D.  Working for Water: A Conversation with the New England Watershed Managers Collaborative (NEWMAN) Slides Part-1, Slides Part-2 

 Speakers: Norm Labbe, John O’Neil, Christopher Riely; Moderator: Christopher Riely

E.  What is Community Conservation? How Does it Relate to RCPs? – Slides Part-1, Slides Part-2, Sides Part-3

 Speakers: Rebecca Washburn, Steven Hufnagel, Leia Lowery, Jane Calvin; Moderator: Rebecca Washburn

Session 2 Workshops

A.  Building Your RCP’s Capacity to Conserve: Maps, Meetings, and Collaboration – Slide Part-1, Part-2

Speaker/Moderator: Ed Hood

B.  Partners in Water Quality: How land trusts and water utilities are conserving forests to provide clean drinking water – Slides Part-1, Part-2

Speakers: Spencer Meyer, Marcy Lyman, Paul Hunt, John O’Neil; Moderators: Spencer Meyer, Marcy Lyman, Paul Hunt

C.  Prospects for a Shared Media Campaign for Conservation and Forest Management (Roundtable) – Slides

Speakers/Moderators: Jim Bonesteel, Sarah Fuller

D,  What Does a Connected and Biodiverse Regional Landscape Look Like? – Slides Part-1, Part-2

Speakers: John Davis, Laura Marx, Chris Nagy; Moderator: John Davis

E.  Implementing the CT River Watershed Landscape Conservation Design (Roundtable) – Slides

Speakers/Moderators: Kim Lutz, Sarah Wells

Session 3 Workshops

A.  Organizing Collaborative, Multi-landowner Land Protection Projects – Slides

Speakers: Sarah Wells, Charlie Hancock; Moderator: Jim Bonesteel

B.  The Conservation Finance Quilt: How RCPs Can Stitch it Together – Slides

Speakers: Leigh Whelpton, Reggie Hall; Moderators: Spencer Meyer, Leigh Whelpton

C.  Ingredients to Great Academic Partnerships – Slides Part-1, Part-2, Part-3

Speakers: Marianne Jorgensen, David R. Foster, Leigh Youngblood, Anica Miller-Rushing; Moderator: Marianne Jorgensen

D.  Resilient Regions: Combining Smart Growth and Regional Conservation Strategies for Sustainable Landscapes – Slides Part-1, Part-2

Speakers: Trish Garrigan, Heidi Ricci; Moderators: Trish Garrigan, Heidi Ricci

E.  Advancing the Appalachian Trail Landscape Conservation Initiative (Roundtable) – Slides

Moderators: Simon Rucker, Hawk Metheny