2015 RCP Network Gathering

The 2015 RCP Network Gathering, held November 18 in Nashua, NH, was an inspiring success with a record number of people in attendance. Representatives from regional conservation partnerships (RCPs), non-profits, academic institutions, state and federal agencies, and philanthropic foundations came together to discuss new ways of advancing conservation. 

This year’s event focused on a central question: “What can we all do together to advance conservation in our region and beyond?”

The Gathering featured 12 workshops with topics ranging from engaging landowners to advancing conservation finance. David Foster, director of the Harvard Forest and Wildlands and Woodlands co-author, delivered the keynote address. In it he said, “We are wired for collaboration, it’s how we survive as humans”.

Click here for a two-page printable overview of the conference. Click here to view presentations and videos from the event.