​Cox Trust Grantees and Award Descriptions

Excerpt from Jessie B. Cox Charitable Trust report on past grants.


Donated Land and Easement Grant Program

Berkshire Wildlife Linkage Partnership

$55,000 for continued support of the Berkshire Wildlife Linkage Partnership Due Diligence Fund.  The fund will support conservation of key linkages in a 2.4 million acre wildlife corridor that helps connect the Northern and Central Appalachian Mountains by linking the Green Mountains in Vermont to the Hudson Highlands in New York.

Cold Hollow to Canada

$100,000 to support the Cold Hollow Land Conservation Fund.  The fund will support transaction costs that encourage landowners to donate easements and land in the rural northern Vermont region bordering Canada known as Cold Hollow Mountains.

Downeast Conservation Network

$100,000 to support the Downeast Maine Donated Land and Easement Transaction Cost Grant Program.  The program will increase the incentive for landowners to donate easements and sell land at deep discount in the 5,606 square mile region covered by Washington and Hancock Counties, Maine.

MassConn Sustainable Forest Partnership

$100,000 to support a transaction fund that will help reduce a back-log of land and conservation easement donations of private landowners in the 760,000 acre MassConn region running from the Chicopee-Connecticut watershed in the south to the Quabbin Reservoir in north central Massachusetts. 

RCP Innovation Program

Hudson to Housatonic Regional Conservation Partnership

$20,000 to develop a region-wide strategic conservation map and help the Aspetuck Land Trust work with local partners to develop a campaign to conserve the Wilton-Weston Focus Area and Honey Hill Assemblage Block.

Maine Mountain Collaborative

$20,000 to develop and implement a strategic communications plan that encourages large private foundations and individual donors to support landscape-scale conservation in the Maine Appalachian Corridor.

Massachusetts Coastal Pine Barrens Partnership

$20,000 to support a public planning process that supports the development of a social, cultural, and ecological vision and narrative that guides conservation efforts in the coastal Pine Barrens of Massachusetts.


Donated Land and Easement Grant Program

Mt. Agamenticus to the Sea Conservation Initiative

$100,000 for a due-diligence/transaction fund in support of a larger campaign to protect an additional 1,500 acres in the group’s six-town focal area by 2018. Grant applicant: Great Works Regional Land Trust.

Berkshire Wildlife Linkage Partnership

$20,000 to support the Berkshire Wildlife Linkage Partnership due diligence fund.  This project is part of a larger effort to support conservation of key linkages in the 2.4-million-acre wildlife corridor connecting the northern and central Appalachian Mountains. Grant applicant: The Nature Conservancy Massachusetts.

RCP Innovation Grant Program

Berkshire-Taconic Regional Conservation Partnership

$20,000 to support the planning efforts of 16 regional partners to develop a coordinated plan for land conservation for a combined 3.8 million-acre region. Grant applicant: Columbia Land Conservancy

High Peaks Initiative

$20,000 in support of the High Peaks Initiative, for the development of printed and electronic map-driven communication tools needed for conservation planning, landowner outreach, and involvement of outdoor recreation organizations in the High Peaks region of Maine. Grant applicant: Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust.

Staying Connected Initiative

$20,000 in support of the Staying Connected Initiative, to help transportation agencies incorporate wildlife connectivity needs into their planning and road maintenance work. Grant applicant: The Nature Conservancy, Vermont Chapter.

Downeast Conservation Network 

$19,402 in support of a member development initiative targeting town personnel, educators, business owners, and additional government agencies currently underrepresented in the Downeast Conservation Network. Grant applicant: Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park. 

Shutesville Hill Wildlife Corridor Partnership

$20,000 to support the Shutesville Hill Wildlife Corridor Partnership, to support ecological connection between Vermont’s Green Mountains and the Worcester Range. Grant applicant: Vermont Land Trust.


Donated Land and Easement Grant Program

Litchfield Hills Greenprint Collaborative

$100,000 in support of the Greenprint Landowner Incentive Project.. Grant applicant: Housatonic Valley Association, Inc.

Merrimack Conservation Partnership

$100,000 in support of the Merrimack Conservation Grants Program. Grant applicant: Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.

RCP Innovation Grant Program

Great Bay Resource Protection Partnership

$20,000 to integrate new conservation planning data and studies with existing information to identify priority conservation lands in an expanded 42-town watershed target area of the Great Bay Estuary region. Grant applicant: Audubon Society of New Hampshire.

Cold Hollow to Canada

$20,000 in support of an all-volunteer coalition serving the seven towns on the western slopes of the Green mountains and adjacent to the US/Canada Border to develop a fundraising plan, expand the organization’s individual membership and donor base, and formalize governance structures and functions.

Mt. Agamenticus to the Sea Conservation Initiative 

$20,000 in support of a collaborative strategic communications, marketing, and outreach effort to increase public support of conservation through new individual donors and town conservation bonds. Grant applicant: Great Works Regional Land Trust.

Forest Works!

$20,000 to develop a conservation plan for the 10-town region of York County, Maine, to support the coalition’s first capital campaign. Grant applicant: Maine Association of Conservation Districts.

MassConn Sustainable Forest Partnership

$20,000 to collect parcel-level information, including ecological rankings and landowner data, on priority conservation lands in the Partnership’s target region. Research will support the development of a joint capital campaign. Grant application: Opacum Land Trust.